Riva Revival

Delivering Aquarama #444 – Monte Carlo to Port Miramar

All one’s personal and best ideas should be fulfilled while there’s still time to enjoy them.

I have been involved in engineering (through the family business) since the nineteen-fifties, together with boat building as a hobby. My vivid memories of water-skiing behind a Riva on Lake Geneva are as strong as ever. Later encounters in the South of France, Positano and Levanto were equally as special. It was the combination of these three factors which led me to establish ‘Riva Revival’ specialising in the sale of Riva ‘classic’ wooden boats. We are also able to handle all the necessary renovation, restoration and re-engineering required to return these wonderful craft to their former glory.

Nick Thompson
Managing Director, Riva Revival (UK) Ltd

NEW SERVICE: Special clinic to re-manufacture Chrysler and Crusader V8 engines. WANTED: Chrysler and Crusader engines in any condition. We are particularly interested in Chrysler Sea V M-80’s.

Whatever your choice we aim to offer a complete and individual service to all our customers.