Riva Revival (UK) Ltd are proud to announce that they are now offering a range of solutions which overcome one of the most complex and costly problems to confront owners and restorers of Riva classic sports boats – that of potentially destructive but invisible de-lamination within the ply construction of otherwise apparently sound hulls.

“Since we are aware of the potential for de-lamination we have always erred on the side of caution and recommended re-bottoming where there was any doubt as to the condition of the ply”, says managing Director, Nick Thompson. “However, using a non-destructive inspection technology known as ‘Laser Shearography’ we are now able to assess the ply’s condition much more accurately. We don’t feel that re-bottoming should be undertaken unless it is necessary and being in the position to consider repairs rather than replacement could potentially reduce the cost of restoring, for example, an Aquarama by around 30,000 euros.”

Quicker and significantly more effective than existing ‘sonic’ techniques ‘Laser Shearography’ is used to confirm the integrity of laminated and composite structures in such diverse applications as the Northrop B2 ‘Stealth’ Bomber and the hulls of the RNLI’s Trent and Severn class lifeboats.

It is also applicable to numerous other construction applications. ‘Laser Shearography’ can be applied from one side of the subject and offers rapid coverage with the proven ability to consistently find sub-surface defects by analysing surface strain pattern in response to applied stress.

For further information contact Nick Thompson at Riva Revival (UK) Ltd

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